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New Vintage Burlesque DVD

23rd June 2010
BurlesqueCoverFront 211x300 New Vintage Burlesque DVD

Burlesque DVD

Apparently burlesque is the dernier cri in the swing scene. Good to see that there is someone interested to add some style and quality to it. Rusty produced a dvd “Learn the Art of Vintage Burlesque” with historic clips and background, a new dance  and tipps by Miriam Nelson and so on…

Info and buying details here:

CD: John Dokes sings, George Gee swings

21st June 2010
Dokes Gee CD: John Dokes sings, George Gee swings


If you´re looking for a cd which makes you swing from the first note, here it is: John Dokes sings, George Gee swings. Pure awesomeness, brilliance and full of UMPH!

It´s a small comfort for those of us who don´t have the privilege to listen and dance to this fantastic band and singer in NYC.

Go get it here, itunes

Lust auf Jazz in Aachen

20th June 2010
18 September 2010

Wie jedes Jahr kann man sich auch 2010 auf einen ganzen Tag mit kostenlosem Jazzvergnügen freuen.

Auf den Straßen und Plätzen der Altstadt werden unterschiedliche Stilrichtungen des Jazz zu hören sein, Info hier:

Robert Kreis in MG

14th June 2010
5 November 2010

Highlights aus Robert Kreisens Programmen wird´s am 5.11.2010 in Mönchengladbach geben. Genauer Ort und Zeit hier: Robert Kreis

Belgian Swing Day à Bruxelles

13th June 2010
20 June 2010

A whole day dedicated to swing in Bruxelles, enjoy swing bands, workshops, parties and of course waffles, chocolate, Belgian beer and pommes frites.


image 179x300 Belgian Swing Day à Bruxelles

Belgian Swing Day